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Our Policies at Mish Aviation

Mish Aviation Flying School, located in Accra, Ghana, Africa, is an ideal training environment for people preparing for a career in aviation. We are a GCAA approved school. We specialize in accelerated professional flight training from

private pilots licence (PPL-A) through to commercial pilots licence (CPL-A) for career minded individuals who want high quality training at affordable prices. Our flight school uses the Federal FAA syllabus.

* A copy of the data page of your international passport is required before training to enable security vetting from the Relevant Government Security Agency. (This is applicable to all students) *

Our Mission

Our success is the result of having a relevant and achievable philosophy, sophisticated training programmes to translate that philosophy into tangible results, and effective management systems to provide quality control. And, of course, the right people to do the job.

Enrolment Agreement

Before beginning training, each student is provided with a written enrolment agreement. This agreement specifies the selected training course or course combination package, the method of payment, and the terms and conditions of enrolment. Scheduling and cancellation policy.

Learning To Fly in Africa

Our fleet of aircraft, classrooms and training facilities are equipped with state of the art technology. With the advantage of our own maintenance hanger, we are able to provide quality maintenance ensuring a very high safety standard surpassing FAA requirements.

Our Flight School

We have an unrivalled success rate and whether you are learning to fly for fun or you want to train as a commercial pilot for an airline career – you will receive cost effective training. Our personal one to one training is unique and makes us one of Africa's BEST.

Flight Training at Africa's Best

Testimonials from our former Students

Thanks to this awesome course, I am now a certified pilot who is allowed to train other pilots and issue flight permits! I appreciate the hard work that your team does for the trainees – the course went smoothly with tons of useful information. You are great!

Selorm Adadevoh


It was a truly amazing experience for me and my groupmates who came to get their CPL’s at this flying school. The training was professionally organized, and the crew who helped us study worked hard to make it as much effective as possible. Thanks a lot!

Joy Salem Jacob


It was fun and exciting to learn at your flying school! The instructors know exactly what they do, and I was fully aware of the risks and the trust that the students put in this training. I completed my license and night VFR fast and effectively. Thank you!

Ahmed Musa Yahaya


At Mish Aviation Flying School


Quality Assurance

Having a reliable on-site aircraft maintenance facility in order to secure continuity of training is of fundamental importance to Mish Aviation.

Mish Aviation Flight School is extremely proud of its on-site aircraft maintenance capability that has enabled the school to have a very reliable fleet of serviceable training aircraft available to carry out its training task.

We operate a very stringent and proactive maintenance program at Mish Aviation

Mish Aviation Aircraft Charter and Flight Training
"Where Services Provided Is Unparalleled By Any In The Region"
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