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Mish Aviation Flight School Instructors

Our CEO and Founder

Capt. Ibrahim Mshelia (CEO) is a pilot with over 30 years of active flying experience. He was pioneer pilot for the Nigerian mail delivery, short and long haul commuter service operations, charter operations, corporate pilot and a certified flight Instructor since 1990.


As a corporate pilot, he flew several dignitaries of Multi National companies and Oil Company Executives. In addition, he also flew government dignitaries including Ministers, Governors, past and serving Heads of States in Africa

Capt. Mshelia had his initial flight training at the Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Centre, Zaria Nigeria (NCATC) now called Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) where he graduated as a Commercial Pilot with Instrument and Multi Engine Ratings. He has also attended several other aviation training schools around the world including Embraer Training School, Sao Paulo, Brazil Pegasus Flight Centre, Meacham Fields Airport, Dallas Fortworth, USA, Flight Safety International, at several locations including Marrietta Georgia, USA, Le Bourget, Paris, France, Wichita Kansas, and Ag Flight Inc., Bainbridge, Georgia, USA among others.

He still maintains currency as an Airline Transport Pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Agricultural Pilot and a Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority designated Pilot Examiner. He has accumulated over 9,000 flight hours.

Other Key Members

Key management staff of Mish Aviation Flight School Ghana – Africa are seasoned professionals with at least 26 years experience. While the ground Instructors are mainly retired aircrew and have wealth of previous experience as Instructors, the Maintenance personnel also have equal experience in similar institutions.

Mish Aviation’s instructors are highly trained experts with excellent communication skills and a strong passion for teaching. Having trained students from various countries, they understand the complexities of teaching international students from different cultures and the challenges students face in their new learning environment.

Our full time staff of dedicated and enthusiastic Certified Flight Instructors will take you from the basics of flight training through the advanced, professional operation of multi-engine aircraft.

They will provide you with the undivided personal attention you need to successfully complete your training smoothly and be the best pilot that you can be.

Our instructors love to fly and work very hard at passing on their specialized knowledge to every one of their students. With our low student to instructor ratio, our instructors are able to focus and concentrate on each student individually, producing the highest quality of flight training essential for safety and success.

Mish Aviation Aircraft Charter and Flight Training
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