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Flight Operations Training

Started on 21 November 2022


Welcome to Mishaviation Flying School Flying School.
Inside this brochure you will find what to look forward to in the Ab-initio Flight Operations Officer and Flight Dispatcher course at Mishaviation Flying School ,

what you can anticipate from working in the aviation industry and what we will expect from you if you make the decision to undergo your Ab-Initio Flight Operations Officer and or Flight Dispatcher training with us.

This course requires hard work and dedication for the entire 12 weeks duration, and at the end of it all, you will be equipped with the requisite skills to become a full-fledged Flight Dispatcher. Flight Operations Officers/Flight Dispatchers manage the daily operations of Airlines. They work in the Airline’s Operations Control Center (Flight Dispatch Office). 

Most Operational Control Centers are run on a 24 hour around-the-clock basis. Some airlines have flights operations on a global scale, with hundreds of aircraft, and thousands of crew members. Airline Dispatchers coordinate all functions of the airline, and have the authority to cross all organizational lines.

Our Mission

Our success is the result of having a relevant and achievable philosophy, sophisticated training programs to translate that philosophy into tangible results, and effective management systems to provide quality control. And, of course, the right people to do the job.

The Operational Control Center serves as the airlines’ nerve center. Flight Dispatchers are responsible, in joint agreement with the Airline Captains, for flight planning, route selection, altitude selection, fuel load requirements, weather reports, aircraft legality, and complying with Civil Aviation Regulations.


The objective of the Flight Operations Officer/ Flight Dispatcher course is to prepare the trainee to be able to understand and successfully obtain passes in written, oral, and practical GCAA Flight Operations Officers/Flight Dispatchers examinations of the Civil Aviation Authority. After passing the relevant CAA examinations, the trainee will be awarded a Flight Dispatcher’s License. This License is recognized by all IICAO member states.

Course Description


Examinations will be conducted for each subject or combination of subjects and candidates are expected to obtain a pass mark of 80% in each subject. Candidates must have written and passed all examinations in all the subject areas by the end of the course. Should any trainee obtain a mark of 79% or lower in any test, the trainee will re-write the test after 25 hours ground school instruction/revision. Each trainee will have two (2) attempts to write any one test. Should a failure occur on the second attempt at the test, the trainee will be withdrawn from the rest of the course. The instructor may at his discretion conduct an oral examination with the trainee after the first attempt. Further participation in the course will depend on the trainee’s performance at this oral examination.


Candidates who register for any Mishaviation Flying School Program but for any reason are unable to attend the courses they registered for, must give notice of their inability to be present, no later than seven (7) calendar days prior to the commencement of the course. Failure to do so will result in of forfeiture of the full fees. The course is arranged based on minimum number of candidates.

The pass mark for the School’s License Mock Exam is 80%, trainees will be given only one opportunity to write this exam before presentation to the GCAA for the Final GCAA License exam. Should a failure occur, a trainee will NOT be presented to GCAA for the Final License Exam. The trainees will have to undergo an interview, appearing before the school’s Academic and Students finance board. The result will determine the necessary next line of action for each candidate before they may retake the examinations again.


Trainees will attend all ground school lectures in the uniform provided by the School, unless a waiver was granted prior to commencement by special conditions.


Trainees will be expected to have an average attendance of 90% before they may be presented for any Examination. Late Arrival to classes will not be tolerated. The aviation industry is meticulous about time keeping; trainees will be expected to be punctual at all times. No trainee will be allowed into a classroom after the instructor has entered the classroom for each lesson.


Following enrollment, MAFS will provide trainees with all the necessary study material before the start of the course.


Mishaviation Flying School strives to achieve the highest standard during the course of training; it does not guarantee that all Candidates will make the requisite grade required of the GCAA exams. Candidates who are referred in any of their exams will be given a second opportunity to re-sit the exam upon payment of an agreed fee. After successful completion of the classroom course, candidates will be attached to an Airline for on-the-job training Mishaviation Flying School would organize tours for trainees to the relevant operational areas such as the Air Traffic Control and Flight Dispatch Offices of the various airlines that operate at the Kotoka International Airport.


Course fees are periodically adjusted, and may be negotiated depending on the number of participants registered; per organization/per a class, for any particular course.


Graduates of Mishaviation Flying School Flight Operations Officers course (FOO) will be issue with Mish Aviation Completion Certificate, while those participate in the full Flight Operations Officer/Dispatcher course would be awarded a Mish Aviation Flying School Certificate in addition to the ICAO Dispatcher License which will be issued by the Ghana Civil Aviation on completion of the on job training which GCAA shall stipulate at the end of the Mish Aviation training.


Candidates may be withdrawn from any course for any of the following reasons:

  • Poor attendance record.
  • Non compliance with MAFS regulations.
  • Rudeness to any member of staff particularly Instructors.
  • Persistent lateness to class
  • Nonpayment of fees


Important: Trainees are expected to be punctual for all classes and be appropriately attired. Any trainee who reports late for a class may be refused entry into the classroom for that session only. The school will not be responsible for any missed training lesson/session (s) under any way circumstances. The candidate will make own effort to cover up for all missed lesson/session (s) regardless of the circumstances, unless the circumstance was due to the school’s inability to conduct that or those particular lesson/session (s).

Please Note: Enrollment forms are available online. We require that each prospective candidate completes this form providing all the necessary details. Candidate’s name, as it appears on their enrollment form will appear on all training related documentation and all certificates issued. The school advises candidates use names as it appears on passports.


Mishaviation Flying School is an Approved Training Organization with mandate to train candidates for the issue of ICAO licenses by GCAA in various approved course, but it does not guarantee employment for any trainee on completion of the course.

Age: Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

These fees do not reflect VAT & NHIL charges; hence clarification of total costs will be reflected on the invoice prior to the commencement of each course.

All course fees are presented in United States Dollars but may be paid in its Cedi equivalent and must be paid in full, no later than; a month/thirty calendar days (30) in advance of the course commencement date to guarantee the reservation.

Course Dates: Flight Operations Officer/Dispatcher Initial Training Courses are run throughout the year. Please contact Mishaviation Flying School to enquire about the next

starting dates as well as the pre-course screening and registration dates. Course dates will also be published on our website: www.mishaviation.com 


Please refer all queries or enquiries to: The Administrative/Student Planning Officer

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