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How much does pilot training cost

Can I become a pilot for free?

If you are dreaming of becoming a pilot but you don’t know how to pay for your program then there might might be options – Get a loan. Look for the best possible flight school that has a good reputation and solid connections with a bank or seek for sponsorship from airlines or other organisations.

In Pilot flight training Finance is the most important to make flying as your career. Most of the dreams get shattered due to money problems but life gives you second chance depending how you utilised your chance.

There is no simple answer to a question about how you can become a commercial airline pilot. It does not matter how much money you have, how much you are willing to spend, or how determined you are. Getting your private pilot license takes time and money,

How can I finance my pilot training?

Low-interest credit card

Many pilots pay for their training by charging tuition costs to a low-interest credit card. It may be easier and faster to open a new credit card than to get a loan.

Private loan

You can also take out a private loan (or loans) to cover your schooling. Try banks, credit unions, online person-to-person lending sites and even friends or family.

Student Loan

Flight programs through accredited schools provide degrees. If you don’t need a degree, you can train at a non-accredited flight academy.

Finance through your school

Find out if your school offers any loans, grants or scholarships of their own. Internal grants and scholarships have a lower number of applicants than those that are open nation-wide. This means that your odds of getting funds are higher.

Government Grants

Some government Grants are available to students with extreme financial need who have not yet earned a degree.


It is tempting to avoid applying for scholarships and grants. There are a lot of hoops to jump through and no guaranteed payout. But remember – by not applying, you are turning down the potential for free money.



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