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Pilot training

Pilot Training at Mish Aviation

Whether you aspire; for an exciting professional career as a Pilot, convenient and efficient business flying, or even explore the adventure of recreational flying, at Mish Aviation we help you achieve your dreams.

Up to date knowledge and skills are essential factors in ensuring the safety of flight operations. In keeping with continuous global evolution of aviation, standards and practices are key requirements.

Mish Aviation supports individuals or companies in ensuring that standards and recommended practices are achieved and maintained through quality training and re training programs designed to meet customer needs.

Mish Aviation Services aims to propagate and expand knowledge and understanding of local and international regulations on aviation safety, thus establishing more support, better compliance and increased safety in aviation while providing and stimulating durable and efficient business opportunities in air transportation and general aviation.

When you learn to fly with us, you will be trained by very experienced instructors in a very serene environment in Accra, Ghana.

All of our pilot training courses are customized to group or individual’s specific needs. This means that you can be confident that at Mish Aviation, you are getting the best airline operational support training, highest quality flight training in the most efficient and cost effective fashion possible… we guarantee it!

Mish Aviation Aircraft Charter and Flight Training
"Where Services Provided Is Unparalleled By Any In The Region"
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