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    Let your dreams take a flight

    At this Pilot training school, the instructors are committed to providing the highest quality flight training. We guarantee a supportive and friendly environment with a motivating professional team.

    • Beginners
    • Overseas
    • Degree
    • Hobby

    Fees & Payments


    Cost projections are based on the fact that the weather will be as anticipated and the learning ability as expected.

    Prospective Students with previous experience will be assessed and billed accordingly.

    All quotes and duration are subject to candidate(s) learning ability and favourable Weather conditions respectively.

    *Payment terms and fees are subject to change without prior notice *

    Hurry up! New courses will start on
    February 17, 2022
    Mish Aviation Aircraft Charter and Flight Training
    "Where Services Provided Is Unparalleled By Any In The Region"
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