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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions refer to a list of answers to typical questions that users of our Web site might ask about our Flying programs.

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Mish Aviation Flying School FAQs

By visiting our website and filling out an online form, offices, via email, our social media handle or placing a phone call to us.

Please note that citizens of the ECOWAS economic area do not require a visa to visit.

Mish Aviation Flying School would provide comfortable, stylish, secure and clean accommodation to prospective students and all students are compelled to adhere to this housing policy, this housing policy has become necessary due to regulations and the need to maintain discipline

The minimum age requirement is 17 years old

Yes by all international Civil Aviation Organisation Member States, however you will need to convert your licence in accordance with the aviation laws of the country that you intend flying in.

72 weeks for CPL- IR – ME, however this is based on an average person working at an average pace and passing their exams first time. The actual length of your course will be determined by your own ability and weather.

You will need to pass an aviation medical exam and an aptitude test.

You will need to pass an aviation medical exam and an aptitude test.

We do not help with financial assistance.

Three meals per day, fruits and laundry.

  • He or she must have passed through a secondary or high school with credit pass in at least 5 subjects *Including English and Maths*.
  • Candidates must be able write and speak English and hold an appropriate class medical in accordance with Ghana Civil Aviation Authority for the class of License required.
  • A scan of the first page of your Passport is required for security vetting.
  • A police character report.
  • School leaving certificate results.
  • Registration Form.
  • Airport pass – This would be processed by Mish Aviation Flying School once the students arrive to enable access to the flight line.
  • Air Law exam – This is only applicable to those students who already possess a license and wish to have it converted.
  • Flight Crew Medical Certificate issued by a Recognized Aviation Medical Examiner Class l CPL – Class ll PPLs.
  • Four stamped-size passport photographs printed from the same negative and taken within the last six months.

Our Mission

Our success is the result of having a relevant and achievable philosophy, sophisticated training programmes to translate that philosophy into tangible results, and effective management systems to provide quality control. And, of course, the right people to do the job.

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