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Leisure Pilot and Part time

Started on 20 September 2022

Quality Assurance

Having a reliable on-site aircraft maintenance facility in order to secure continuity of training is of fundamental importance to Mish Aviation.

Mish Aviation Flight School is extremely proud of its on-site aircraft maintenance capability that has enabled the school to have a very reliable fleet of serviceable training aircraft available to carry out its training task. We operate a very stringent and proactive maintenance program at Mish Aviation.

Mish Aviation Leisure Pilot Training


Learn to fly while maintaining your regular work schedule.


Register in the school as a Student Pilot

Obtain a Ghana Police clearance

Go through an aviation security (AVSEC) awareness training course (One day duration). This is a requirement for the issue of a GACL airside access pass

Must be able to pass a Class 2 or higher Medical Examination

Program Schedule:

Ground School and Simulator instruction will take place on Saturdays at the School while actual aircraft flying may be scheduled for Saturdays and/or Sundays (weather permitting)

Leisure Pilot

4 weeks ground instruction (Saturdays from 9am to 3pm.)




Four (4) Sessions of lecture, each session lasting one and a quarter (1.25hr) hours with a 10 min break between sessions and half an hour break for lunch after the first two sessions. Total 20 hrs ground School

2 weeks Simulator instruction subject to satisfactory completion of ground school.

4 weeks ground instruction. (20 hrs)

1 week simulator review then, 3 weeks on the flight line, subject to satisfactory completion of Simulator exercises as approved by the GCAA for MAFS.

‘Student’ Pilot’s can book for dual flights with instructor at an hourly rate. (Leisure flying)


Private Pilot License

After completion of leisure pilot program, those wishing to continue to PPL will undergo additional:

Minimum 20 weeks (6 hrs a week ground instruction including 1 week review, followed by MAFS knowledge test)

Successful Student Pilots will be presented to the GCAA for the GCAA PPL knowledge test.

On successful completion of GCAA PPL knowledge test, there will be 4-6 weeks completion of Simulator instruction

10 – 15 weeks completion of flight line training (dual, solo and Cross countries)

PPL check ride with MAFS examiner

GCAA PPL check ride, Skill test.

Charges in USD:
Simulator session – $100/hour
Dual aircraft C172 – $270/hour
Solo aircraft C172 – $180/hour
Pre and Post Briefing with instructor – $90/hour

*Leisure Pilots
Books and Handouts$500
Ground Instruction$1000
Simulator Session (5 hours total)$500
Aircraft Flight time (10 hours dual)$2700
Flight Briefing time (7.5 hours)$675
*PPL Pilots
Books and Handouts$500
Ground Instruction$3,750
Simulator Session (10 hours total)$1000
Aircraft flight time dual (25 hours total)$6,750
Aircraft flight time solo (10 hours total)$1,800
PPL knowledge test**$150
Flight Briefing time (22.5hours)$2,025
PPL oral and skill test**$550

** PPL knowledge and skill test fees are as published by the Civil Aviation Authority. Such fees are at their rates and subject to change without notice.

**SPL fee, Security clearance fee, AVSEC training fee and Medical examination fee are also additional charges and are dictated by their respective entities at the time.

Additional Expenses
Registration and Administrative Charge$200

**The flight hours quoted are the minimum required. Actual flight time required will fluctuate according to person’s abilities.


**Actual duration of the courses are also subject to change due to factors such as weather, pilot availability and speed of progress.

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