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Commercial Pilot License – CPL

Started on 21 November 2022

Mish Aviation has designed all training courses to provide an effective, efficient means for candidates to reach their goal of becoming a private or a commercial pilot.. This 72 week program takes a student from zero experience to a well-trained, private or Commercial Pilot with Instrument and Multi engine rating privileges. As a beginner pilot, training could be found to be overwhelming. Our curriculum is designed to break through the initial difficulties as with all human Endeavours. Each lesson builds on the last, leading the candidate to a consolidated education toward a vibrant career in aviation.

There are four (4) steps to our Career Pilot Course (Standard Pilot Course -SP): The Private Pilot Certification, Commercial Pilot Certification, Multi engine certification and Instrument Rating Certification. Each step comprises both ground and flight training. Each step is finalized knowledge test that must be passed before graduating to the next step..

Each certificate and rating requires a minimum training and performance as stipulated in the Civil Aviation Regulation.



While the Private Pilot Certification allows the pilot to fly under far more restricting weather conditions and visibility, (Visual Flight Rules -VFR), the Commercial/Multi engine and Instrument Rating Certification allows the pilot to fly in weather conditions far less restricting, (Instrument Flight Rules -IFR). To qualify for a Private Pilot’s Certification, each student must have flown a minimum of 40 hours; 10 of which are “solo”, or flights conducted by candidate alone without an instructor or anyone else in the airplane. The Private Pilot Certification is the foundation of a flying carrier.


The next step for a pilot wishing to make a carrier in flying is to be able fly for Hire and Reward. This means that the pilot has to acquire the commercial certification. To do this; the pilot must have a minimum of 190 total hours and be able to pass the knowledge test and check ride prescribed at each phase of the commercial training activity in accordance with Ghana Civil Aviation Regulation part 2.


Multi engine is the most ideal aircraft for commercial operation world over. In some countries, single engine airplanes are restricted to private operation or cargo. Multi engine rating will prepare a candidate for greater carrier prospects. Mish Aviation offer a full ground and flight training necessary to achieve this phase of training. Each candidate will have a minimum of 15 hours of multi engine training including stipulated check rides. Within this time, each candidate will be taught the systems, single engine out procedures and emergency procedures.


Instrument rating will prepare the candidate with the ability to operate aircraft in a variety of weather and visibility conditions. There are ground studies and flight training required for this stage, which also includes flight knowledge tests and check rides. Most of the training will be performed in the single engine and simulator to cut down on cost. Mish Aviation will provide a minimum of 40 hours of training. The check ride for Instrument Rating would be done in the Multi engine aircraft to prepare the candidate for airline type routine training methods.

Quality Assurance

Having a reliable on-site aircraft maintenance facility in order to secure continuity of training is of fundamental importance to Mish Aviation.

Mish Aviation Flight School is extremely proud of its on-site aircraft maintenance capability that has enabled the school to have a very reliable fleet of serviceable training aircraft available to carry out its training task.

We operate a very stringent and proactive maintenance program at Mish Aviation.

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